Jacqui's Abseil for DMU Square Mile India

A project by: Jacqui Cope



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This project received pledges on Wed 28 Feb 2018

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Thank you for the anonymous donation :)

Thank you to Aidan for his £50 donation.

Thank you to Alex O for his £5 donation.

Well done!!

Thank you for the generous anonymous donation

Thank you to Bharti for her £10 donation

Thank you to Ian for his £5 donation

Just think of CSM on your way down....

Good luck, brave person

Thank you to Marian and Adrian for their £25 donation .

Thank you to Paul and Tricia for their £10 donation .

Thank you to Wendy at Hairlines for her donation, and for being a fab hairdresser :-)

Thank you to Prakash for his £10 donation.

If you need a stunt double i'm up for it!☺ Good luck x

Thanks to my mum for her donation.

Thanks to Roger for his donation

Thank you to Louis for his donation

Good Luck and be brave!

Good Luck Jacqui!