The Adam Redfern Memorial Fund

A project by: De Montfort University

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RIP Young Man.

The perfect legacy created for Adam who spent his life supporting students in achieving their ambitions after he achieved his own so quickly. Love, Alice and Chris

So sorry I couldn’t be there. Really glad to be able to contribute without being there. I remember Adam from my very first day at DMU Football. He helped to make me feel comfortable at social. He pointed me in the right direction to help me get into the teams at the uni. Adam was one of the most inspirational, most personable and to be honest one of the most genuinely great people I’ve ever met. I hope he nah rest in peace and that his legacy results on many more people like Adam having a positive effect on people that go to DMU. I honestly believe that without Adam my uni experience wouldn’t have been so incredible and I love him for everything he did for me and the people around me. His death saddened, shocked and left me reflective of people in my life. It isn’t very often that I meet people as incredible as Redders and I hope that his legacy continues in his death as I’m 100% sure it would’ve done in his life. Lots of love. Conor.

Having worked alongside Adam, I thought I knew him pretty well but I have been amazed over this last few months to learn just how many great projects he was involved with, how many people he had helped, what a huge contribution he made to so much at DMU and beyond. I think if we could all be more like Adam, the world would be OK. RIP, pal.

AR 15 ♥️🖤

Adam is one of the best people I’ve worked with and was a really good friend. This project is a fitting tribute to him and I’m sure it will be a big success. I’m gutted to be on holiday and not able to make it to the memorial event, but will certainly be having a drink in his memory from afar.

RIP Adam - in a short lifetime you made a huge impact and will live long in our memories.

Adam was a huge support in the creation of DMUsport. His legacy of supporting even more students enjoy sport and leading active lifestyles will be lasting for years to come. He is greatly missed.

Adam leaves a great legacy and made such a positive impact on my life and to all staff and students at DMU and DSU. x

Team Name: FC Redderz Bull Salzburg Really looking forward to Saturday, it will be a fantastic occasion to celebrate Adam’s life. Many thanks to all for organising. Alex, Will, Freddie, Danny, Jack, Elliot, James, Ben, Joe & Jason

Adam was a wonderful Grandson, who brought me great joy. I miss him immensely, but hopefully through this Fund his memory can live on by supporting others.

Donation made in memory of Adam’s great-aunt, who died in 2015, but always looked forward to his visits & loved watching him grow.

Hope many deserving students achieve their goals with support from this fund and that SADS will be highlighted so that other young people may be saved in future. Best wishes to Adams family.

If a donation can help even one young person achieve what Adam did in his time at DMU then this will be a fitting tribute.

Donating in honour of Adam to continue the work he did to support the next generation of journalists. A symbol for all those who are supported to strive to be like.