Anna's Abseil for Square Mile India

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Abseiling to raise money for Square Mile India!

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Last February, DMU staff and students raised over £5000 in a successful abseil event for Square Mile India! This year, on Friday 16th February, the Square Mile India abseil returns for its second year. Funds raised last time provided children from the Gandhi Ashram with food, shelter and education for four whole months!

Who am i?

I'm currently working as part of the DMUsport office as a Sport Development Assistant.

Why am i doing this?

One of the communities supported by DMU in Ahmedabad is called the Loving Community. This community, who were excluded from society, is made up of people who used to suffer with leprosy but no longer have the infection. However, they still suffer from the effects through loss of limbs and the enormous social stigma which leprosy carries. This does not only apply to them, but also to their children, and their children's children, who cannot find employment due to the outdated perception of the infection.

Every year during monsoon season, homes in the Loving Community are flooded by extremely contaminated water. The residents have to resort to living in the local community centre for weeks and weeks on end. The abseil this year is raising money to make sure that the two worst effected homes are raised above water level. This will mean that they are protected from the rising water during the monsoon season in June.

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